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eyeseedepths's Journal

I post therefore I am.

Constantly in progress.
academics, acupuncture, alphonse mucha, androgyny, ang lee, architecture, art, art & science, art deco, art nouveau, asian cinema, atom egoyan, autism, ballet, beauty, being, bellydancing, bill henson, biology, black and white, brain asymmetry, brain biology, brains, bram stoker's dracula, buddhism, charles rennie mackintosh, china, chinese medicine, cocteau twins, complexity, consciousness, contemporary art, contemporary photography, corsetry, corsets, critique, dance, dancing, dandys, david bowie, david hockney, dead can dance, dead things, deep conversations, depeche mode, depth of field, depth perception, design, dj cheb i sabbah, dragonflies, ears, echo & the bunnymen, edward burne-jones, einstürzende neubauten, emotional intelligence, eyebrows, eyes, fashion, feathers, fishnet, flamenco, flower fairies, fountains, goth, gothic, gustav klimt, hating comedy, health, heavenly creatures, hemispheres, intp, introspection, islamic architecture, japan, japanese pattern design, jewellery, joan fontcuberta, joel-peter witkin, john william waterhouse, johnny cash, joy division, kissed, knowledge, kuan yin, ladybirds, leonard cohen, light & shadow, long hair, macs, make-up, marcasite, matthew barney, mbti, meditation, merleau-ponty, metalworking, mirrors, motion blur, mythology, neurobiology, neurophenomenology, neuroscience, nick cave, nikons, non-duality, non-fiction, ontology, orientalism, passion, perception, perfectionism, phenomenology, philosophy, photography, photoshop, post-goth, post-photography, postmodernism, pre-raphaelites, psychology, red roses, reflections, retro glamour, rings, self-portraiture, sophie calle, steampunk, stereo vision, stripey stockings, sustainable design, the kronos quartet, thinking, tribal bellydance, tribal fusion, typography, vegetarianism, victorian architecture, victoriana, vision, visual cortex, vivienne westwood, william morris, wings, wrought iron, yoga